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The Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As music cultural ambassadors, we collaborate with national and international treasures as well as seasoned artists and will be presenting the “Music Ambassadors Series” at locations such as Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium and St. Francis Auditorium in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which will be launched in the Fall of 2019.

We collaborate with non-profit foundations and organizations for mentoring and masterclasses worldwide. In addition, we partner with charitable causes to assist with fundraising for research and relief for disease and natural disasters internationally through our music ambassadors series and our international masterclass series. We hope to change our world by inspiring others, leading the way with this visionary approach.

David Phillips

David Phillips' interpretations of composers as varied as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert have garnered him wide acclaim and invitations to appear with notable institutions such as The Armenian Philharmonic, The San Antonio Symphony and The Dubrovnik Symphony. He has performed under such conductors as Ruben Asatrian, Michael Morgan, Vincent Zitto, Zlatan Srzic. Mr. Phillips has also performed in venerable concert halls such as Khachaturian Hall, Armenia; and Rector's Palace, Croatia. In the U.S., he has performed at Carnegie Hall; The Wharton Center for The Performing Arts, Lansing, Michigan; Watson Fine Arts Center Theater, San Antonio Texas; The Yachats Music Festival, Oregon, and many others. 

Phillips' mastery of the piano has also been noted by the U.S. Department of State. Its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs invited him to appear on international tours to Armenia, and Croatia. In addition to performing solo recitals on these tours, Phillips appeared as a soloist with both the Armenian Philharmonic and the Dubrovnik Symphony. He also led master classes at the Sayat Nova Music Academy and the Zagreb Conservatory in Croatia. 
Recently, Phillips performed on the Rite of Spring Great Performers Concert series in New York City.He has also given solo recitals at the Old First Concert Series in San Francisco, Florida's Key West Pops Orchestra, the Donnell Library Concert Series as well as Trinity Concert Series, both in New York City. David Phillips has studied under Daniel and Marilyn Eller, Daddy Mehta, Lorie Glaze, Kenneth Drake and coached with Jeanne Stark-Iochmanns and Peter Serkin and Ian Hobson. 

Music Ambassador Series Program

Bach Partita no 1 in B flat

Brahms Rhapsody op. 79 no. 1

Chopin sequence:
     Chopin Etude OP 10. no. 12.
     Chopin Fantasy impromptu no.4 
     Chopin Ballade no. 1 in g minor 

Beethoven sonata op..57 "Appassionata "


"Pianist David Phillips joined Soprano Aimee Puentes in Non temer and was the soloist in Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27 in B-flat – his last, dating from 1791. Phillips showed himself to be a stylish Mozartean with a firm, clear touch and a lyrical sense of line. He is a poet in the purest sense of the word. His timekeeping was impeccable; a marvelous pairing with Michael Morgan's steady conducting."

-Mike Greenberg, Express-News Senior Critic San Anotonio Express News

“We have, however, heard something rather like the Piano Concerto in F before, namely just unscrolled every anything Gershwin put together for an orchestra. But Soloist David Phillips is not like any pianist on this planet. From an impeccable memory every inscrutable note through his curling fingers. Phillips is super-sensitive performer blessed with an endearing tendency. ( The late Glenn Gould’s was to hum through his performances; others called it groaning.) Phillips’is to contort his mug as if deflecting the tantalizing tension between each note. Never seen anything quite like it. A night of Gershwin was a night of ice on fire and we loved it.

-Mark Howell critic Key West

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